4th October 2010

A good day was had last Sunday with Richard Cadge, Jon Kerr, Hank Fredericks and Myself from 5199, being joined by Neil and Tony from the CVR.
Steve Wooliscroft had top-coated the brake cylinder before the weekend so all was ready for reassembling, or so we thought. All was going well until the drill bit broke as the hole for the split-pin was being drilled out. Therefore time had to be devoted to clearing it out, and removing the drill bit.
Meanwhile, Jon was busy cleaning the last bit of the frames ready for painting, and Richard spent some time lapping in the vacuum brake ejector. I concentrated on working out reassembly of the brake cylinder, we fitted new rubber seals and the new I-band so all is ready for assembly once the hole has been drilled.
We also spent some time dismantling the heavily clogged up blast pipe which should be ready for shot-blasting in the next few days.
The boiler is now right way up and looking towards a hydraulic at the end of the week.
In the evening, along with many CVR supporters, we were treated to something special courtesy of Moorlands & City Railways. We embarked on a Historic trip up the Cauldon Lowe branch headed by the 8F 8624 four coaches and 37075. Correct me if am wrong but, it was the first steam train since the 1960s and the first passenger train since 1935 (not counting specials). It is also believed to be the first train to depart from Cheddleton onto the Cauldon branch.
We travelled as far as Apesford crossing, about 3 and a bit miles up the 1in40 and 1in45 gradients. The other side of the crossing it does ease to a 1in59 climb towards Ipstones summit, 1063ft above sea level.
And yes, videos of this trip have appeared on Youtube!

Watch for my head in the very first droplight!

Wont be long until 5199 takes a trip up there!
Still loads to do though, so come on down and join in the fun.
The fully painted Brake Cylinder and its components. W. Naylor

Richard Cadge works on the Vac Brake Ejector.
Richard Cadge works on the Vac Brake Ejector. W. Naylor

Hank drilling the hole prior to the break!
Hank drilling the hole prior to the break! W. Naylor

Jon and Richard dismantle the blastpipe
Jon and Richard dismantle the blastpipe. W. Naylor

Jon cleaning up the very front of the frames
Jon cleaning up the very front of the frames. W. Naylor


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