31st August 2010

The mission today was to remove the Vacuum brake cylinder at CVR's request, it is also a component I had long been suspicious about after seeing a stitch-weld repair inside it a few years ago.
Starting on my own and getting no where fast with some welded on bolts, it became obvious that the Gas Spanner would be the only option. 5 minutes of this soon saw 7x troublesome bolts removed, and so a piece of steel plate plus a vacuum reservoir were free. I also removed the rear sanding gear rod and a load of pipe work.
At this Point Steve Wooliscroft and son Ben turned up. Ben was put to work cleaning parts up, while Steve and I got on with removing the Vacuum Chamber with the crane. We then had to cut through 4x split-pins, burn off 2x nuts, before finally with the help of the Coles crane out came the Vacuum brake cylinder. We then removed the bottom Cover followed by the piston.
After spending time casting our eyes over wear patterns inside the barrel, especially a patch of oil inside, we could clearly see that the crack had opened up and that vacuum on the Chamber side had drawn in oil. There was also a section of wear on the I-band, and nearly half of the piston rod is scored. All these add up to potential vacuum losses and will need rectifying.
Still plenty to do on 51 though, and more help is needed to have her completed before the end of the year.
By the way Ben is only 8 years of age and enjoyed helping out, a good sign for the future!


Young Ben cleaning the Steam lubricator stop cock cover
Young Ben cleaning the Steam lubricator stop cock cover. W Naylor

he removed and dismantled Vac Cyl and associated bits
The removed and dismantled Vac Cyl and associated bits. W Naylor

Oil patch inside Vac Cyl.
Oil patch inside Vac Cyl.
W Naylor


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