August 2010 Update

As part of the ongoing repairs Wednesday 25th was spent working on 5199.

First painting the boiler until I ran out of paint, two more tins will be needed, one to finish off and another to spray
paint the entire boiler after it has been steam tested.

Meanwhile stays were being removed and the draincocks were being put back on. All the nuts (copper greased) are back on both cylinder covers, they just need slogging up to finish the job. With assistance from CVR volunteer Howard, we finished cleaning the threads on all the bolts that hold the tank down and then removed the plate work and some of the pipework from the top of the vacuum cylinder.

The CVR has asked me to remove it for overhaul as the chamber is currently leaking.

We are also looking into getting a new piston rod made out of stainless steel as it seems to be a common modification (5643 and others) and our intention is to bring 51's brake gear bang up to date and fit for many years more service, and whilst the boiler is off the cylinder is easier to remove.

We are still short of labour, and offers of help are never turned away.

Will Naylor. 26/08/10
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