Working Weekend 19 - 20th April

This weekend the team set about painting the remaining parts of the brake gear and these are now ready for fitting back on the loco.

Repainted brake gear
Repainted brake gear - Mike Prior.

Mike Pierce has been busy re-metalling the axle boxes and these are also now ready for fitting.

Re-metalled axleboxes - Mick Prior

One job that needed to be finished from the last working weekend was the polishing of the rods. The worst of the rust and pitting was removed a month ago but certain spots on the rods had excessive pitting which needed to be taken off with a grinder.

Repolishing the rods - Mick Prior
Mick Prior hard at work with the grinder doing his thing!

A clean and polished set of rods does look really good. All they'll need now is for the footplate staff to rub them over with light emery and paraffin to keep them looking really good.

Since March's working weekend it was decided that because of corrosion on the base of the chimney, we either needed to make a temporary repair to allow the new blower ring to be fitted, or we needed to buy a new chimney from the SVR who could cast a new one for us. The cost of a new one was not much more than the cost of a temp repair so a new one has been ordered.

If all goes to plan then by the time the May working weekend comes around, she'll be on her wheels or just about to go on her wheels. Then it'll be all hands to the pump to get her back together and into traffic.

Remember you'll always be made welcome if you decide you want to get involved in keeping 5199 running. This year is a bit special as she becomes an octogenarian, having been 'born' at Swindon in 1934! Why not give her a birthday present and buy another share in the Project.
We still need more money to finish the overhaul.

With many parts being replaced on the loco, we do have the old bits available for sale, so if you're interested please
let me know, otherwise they'll go on Ebay. We have blower ring, chimney (minus copper cap), smokebox door ring and a smokebox door. All bits can be described as 'well used'!

This weekends team, was Mick P, Quentin & Liz, Chris & Lynn, John S, Bill H, Robin, Steve R, Graham B.

Richard Pumphrey, Chairman.

PS, The latest issue of Steam Railway has just dropped through my letter box and the article 'in the works' has a good piece about the 3 prairies at Llangollen and a great picture of 5199 on a freight during the last Steel Steam and Stars. I sat with Toby Jennings in a Peterborough coffee shop back in autumn 2013 and this is the first opportunity that he's had to get the piece into print!


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