9th November 2010

Well tomorrow (Wednesday) is the big day, as Mr Boiler Inspector is paying a visit to look at 5199. Hopefully all will go well, and in my next report I can talk of a successful steam test.

Elsewhere, we have had great fun sticking pensioners in 5199s side tanks ( I don’t think there is a law against it). Derek didn’t seem to mind too much, but at 9 stone he was ideal for the job.

So with Dereks’ help ALL the balance pipes are now fitted including the front one which was last fitted by Hank when there was no boiler in the way.

We finished off today by lighting the fire, another milestone for us with the next hopefully being 5199 moving under her own steam.

There are still a few bits left to put on which we will attend to over the next few days. As you can imagine though, the shed is getting quite full in preparation for the gala with 44767 George Stephenson and 34028 Eddystone having arrived. These locos are obviously taking up space and demanding pit time (of which there is only 1 at CVR), and no doubt the arrival of 71000 Duke of Gloucester will add to the atmosphere that only the build up to a gala has. Certainly exciting times ahead, and hopefully 5199 will be joining in the party.

Will Naylor

5199 gets moved as the yard is shunted with all the gala preparation
5199 gets moved as the yard is shunted with all the gala preparation. W. Naylor

Derek squeezes into the tank
Derek squeezes into the tank. W. Naylor

Derek enjoying himself inside the side tank
Derek enjoying himself inside the side tank. W. Naylor


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