Working Weekend 28 - 29th June

5199 Blowers Green, W A Camwell
5199 at Blowers Green. W A Camwell.

For once it wasn't pouring with rain at Llangollen and the good weather brought us a good turnout of working members who got on with tasks on 5199 and 6880. 5199 is now coming back together nicely. The boiler is now back in the frames, but still minus it's smokebox door ring. I called in at Tyseley on Friday to chase the item and Bob Meanley was hopeful of receiving the ring later that day. Boxes of ceramic boiler lagging are now in the shed and await fitting. The cladding sheets have been attacked with drill mounted wire brushes and the rust just flies off! Over the next few weeks some of the well rusted cladding sheets will need to have the rusted areas cut out and replaced with new sheet. The brake rodding has now been rebushed and painted and is ready to fit on the loco. 

The bottom of the new chimney will need to be machined as the diameter is just too large to allow the blower ring to fit on - we're talking about 1/8th of an inch only!

Finally the Project got the good news we were hoping for and I'll cut a long story short here. The preservation movement has been hit by a problem with copper boiler stays and the fact that they are not as certified on the paperwork. It's all to do with the arsenic content. It looked as if we might have to remove 78 stays that had just been fitted! In the end the Insurance company have given us the OK. If they had insisted on changing the stays, it could have put us back three months.

Llann WW 28-29-6-14 026
The metal spaghetti waiting to be refitted.

Next target date for getting back into steam is mid August ..... fingers crossed.

The happy band of volunteers this weekend were - Mick, Q, Liz, Chris, Lynn, Max, Paul N, John S, Bill H, Dave G, Martin B, Tom and myself.
Richard Pumphrey, Chairman.


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