30th September 2010

Just a quick update as I went down on Wednesday afternoon.
Managed to get the balance pipe off, which required me to cut 3x bolts off, not really what I wanted to do but time is not with us.
The brake cylinder components were cleaned up and had their first coat of undercoat (top coat to go on on Sunday hopefully, in red of course).
Boiler progress is good with Mark working away on removing the ashpan studs that want renewing. I also noticed, as mentioned previously, the copper patch screws so I took a picture of these.
There is good news regarding the new brake piston rod. It’s finished! Thanks to Noel at Premier Engineering, Southport, 5199 now has a new brake piston rod made out of stainless steel. All that is needed now is a quick machine of the bushes, and the brake cylinder can be rebuilt, painted and put back in.
Will Naylor

Neil at Premier Engineering with the new piston rod
Neil at Premier Engineering with the new piston rod. W Naylor

Fitted copper patch screws
Fitted copper patch screws. W Naylor


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