January 2011

Happy New Year, hope everyone had a good Christmas break.

Well 2010 has now ended, and looking back for 5199 it has been a successful year overall even though we've been more hands on with than we thought we'd be this time last year. Even though we were keeping an eye on her as we approached 7 years in service, I don't think anyone expected us to do what we have done during the second half of the year. For those of you who have lost track of everything, below is just a few facts and figures of what we have achieved in 2010;

  • During her annual boiler exam, it was noted some foundation rivets had worn below the accepted levels.
  • 5199s boiler came out of the frames on July 29th 2010.
  • The boiler went back in on the 2nd November 2010.
  • She moved by herself on 11th November on one of many late nights.
  • She then hauled her first train on 14th November.

Below is all the work that was actually done.


  • Shotblasted and painted using kiln paint that is heatproof to 550F.
  • NDT tested.
  • Around 150 Foundation rivets replaced.
  • About 150 Side Stays replaced.
  • 20 Boiler Barrel rivets replaced with Patch screws.
  • 40 Copper Doorplate Patch Screws in firebox crown replaced.
  • Boiler painted again, before being foiled, lagged and foiled again.
  • Hydrauliced with inspector present.
  • Steam tested out of frames.
  • New firebars to replace worn out ones.


  • Valve and Piston Exam.
  • Valve liners rebored.
  • Valve Chest rebored.
  • New valves, heads, rings, sleeves and bushes fitted.
  • Vacuum brake cylinder replaced as the old one was cracked.
  • Vacuum cylinder fitted with new barrel seals, rings, I-band and piston rod, and then refitted.
  • Vacuum pump honed, rebored and new rings fitted along with new seals.

Other Items

  • Blast pipe shot-blasted and new keeps for the top made.
  • Lubricator overhauled, which has seen improvements in lubrication to valves and cylinders.
  • New firemans side balance made ands fitted pipe fitted.
  • Numerous new nuts bolts and gaskets.
  • Frames steam cleaned and repainted.
  • Many other parts individually steam cleaned painted etc.
  • Copper pipework annealed.

Continued, is a list of people / firms whose help is much appreciated, as without them we would not have got all of the above done.


Mark Tweedy
Bryn Engineering
Premier Engineering, Southport
Severn Valley Railway Engineering
Tyseley Loco Works
Ian Riley & Sons Engineering
Omec (graphite flakes )
Halfords (lots of copper grease)
B & Q
T&R Williamsons Paints
PDI paints
Alfred Derbyshire’s Engineers Merchants, Southport
RCF Nuts and Bolt, Tipton
Not sure of the name but whoever made the balance pipe and bored the Vacuum pump
Royal Sun Alliance boiler inspectors and insurance

Technical assistance from;

Steve Whittaker
Mark Vrettos
Bob Meanley

On a personal note, I have personally put in more than 35 days of my own time, with the longest day for me starting at 10am and finishing after Midnight.

Then there is all the rest of the 5199 / Churnet Valley Railway members plus others who have assisted;

5199 members

Richard Pumphrey
Richard Cadge
Hank Fredericks
Terry McGuiness (processing Cheques / receipts)

Both Llangollen / CVR members

Jon Kerr
Paul Bailey (7822 Treasurer)
John Allman

CVR Members (apologies for not knowing all surnames)

Greg Wilson (CME / Operations Director)
Chris Meadowcrot (Driver)
Steve Wooliscroft (Driver)
Tony Wooliscoft (Fireman)
Ben Wooliscrof (Aged 8)
John Peake (Rostering Officer)
John Locket (Driver)
Howard Robinson (Fireman)
Gavin Shell (PWay)
Richard Wheatcroft (Cleaner)
Graham (PWay)
Neil (Machine Shop)
Rob Alcock (Fireman)
Chris Simcock (Fireman)
Martin Pryzena (Diesel Department)
Terry Essery (Driver)
Frank Dale (Driver)
Terry (Volunteer Coordinator)
Luke Graveney (Cleaner)
Peter Baddeley (Fireman)
Bernie Littler (Driver)
Derek Gardner (Cleaner)
Mark Tweedy (Shed volunteer)
Jake Tweedy (Shed volunteer)
Mel Chamberlin (44767 Support Crew)
Tina (44767 Support Crew)
Kev Homer (Driver)
Mark Stratton (Fireman)
Tom Brophy (Cleaner)
Russ Hubner (Bluebell Railway)

Thanks must go to all of those above, whom without we would not have seen 5199 returned to steam so quickly, and the CVR for providing so much assistance when required. Sorry if I have missed anyone out, but as you can see there have been numerous people involved in her overhaul and it’s hard to recall everyone off the top of my head.

Here's too a less stressful, but hopefully equally successful, 2011. Cheerio for now (got some overalls to wash), and until next time..........
Will Naylor (edited 03/04/11. Corrected list of work carried out)

5199 rests at night on the pit alongside 71000 'Duke of Gloucester'
5199 rests at night on the pit alongside 71000 'Duke of Gloucester', following her return to action on November 14th. Photo (W. Naylor)


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