26th October 2010

Well its all bets off as 5199 is in with a good chance of making the Gala.

First the Boiler.

The mud-hole door holes have been attended to with a coded welder to bring them back in to shape, as has a seam on the boiler barrel. There has been a bit of a battle to stop the leaks so the hydraulic could be done. Have no fear though, for these are the holes where steam should come out. The regulator proved to be a bit tricky in plugging, but I understand some expanding foam did the trick.

So the good news is 5199 passed a hydraulic test on Friday the 22nd with the CVR boiler inspector in attendance followed by an out of frames test which was completed at 2.30 am Saturday morning!

Saturday late morning then saw Myself, Jon Kerr, Luke Graveney, Gavin Shell and Chris Meadowcroft cracking on with the lagging and painting the inside of the cladding sheets (didn’t think I would be doing this again seven years ago!).

We are using a supplier put forward by Pete Evans of 80072 for the lagging. Lagging is done by first lining the boiler in foil and then wrapping it up in insulation. This is then wrapped up again with more foil on top followed by the steel cladding sheets.

The crane is booked to put the boiler back in the frames on Monday 1st November, so from then it really is burning the midnight oil to get her ready for MCR’s Steam Gala on 13th November.

The Chassis.

The valves are all in and a nice fit they are too. On Sunday Luke finished off painting the rest of the cladding sheets, while Hank, Richard Cadge and myself put most of the cylinder cladding and lagging on.

The Vacuum brake cylinder had its lid removed and the walls of the barrel were liberally coated in graphite flakes. A big thanks to Graham from the CVR PWay for offering his services to help, as this is another job done.

Whats Next?

- Finish cladding the boiler as much as we can, leaving a gap for the crane
- Painting what’s left of the chassis. Mainly a few bits inside in red and there are two more wheels left to do.
- Putting the balance pipe back on
- Preparing all the nuts, bolts, gaskets etc for a speedy rebuild

That’s all for now though

Will Naylor

Jon and Gav stand by the boiler after spending most of the day lagging
Jon & Gav stand by the boiler after spending most of the day lagging. W. Naylor

Luke cleans up the cladding sheets
Luke cleans up the cladding sheets. W. Naylor

Luke moves onto painting the inside of the sheets
Luke moves onto painting the inside of the sheets. W. Naylor

Graham spreading the Graphite Flakes in the Vac Cyl
Graham spreading the Graphite Flakes in the Vac Cyl. W. Naylor


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