28th September 2010

Went down last Saturday to find Chris Meadowcroft assisting Mark Tweedy in riveting the foundation Ring. I am pleased to say work is progressing well with the boiler overall. All apart from one of the copper patch crews has now been fitted in the firebox, and all the steel patch screws have been fitted to the barrel. The fireman’s side stays have now been fully tapped and are awaiting fitting.

Elsewhere myself, Rob Alcock and Chris Simcock had the pleasure of setting fire to the seized jumper blastpipe. With Rob showing worrying signs of becoming a pyromaniac we eventually freed it off. It now requires dismantling and cleaning up before re-assembly and fitting back onto 5199.

We then moved on to painting the driver’s side wheels and frames in a very high gloss black enamel. Then the cracked rear balance pipe was removed...well sort of.... it still requires a few bits to be taken off to fully achieve this.

On the parts front:

- I should be picking up the new vacuum brake cylinder piston rod on Friday so this can be assembled on Sunday.

- Richard Cadge should be picking up the new Smokebox bolts on Friday.

Jobs for next weekend are:

- Making blanking plates for Hydraulic test

- Rebuilding brake cylinder (painting it as well)

- Painting fireman’s side of frames

- Start work on cladding

To all those who have assisted, thanks for all the hard work put in so in far. We are not home and dry as yet but we are starting to feel that 51 could well be up and running before the Gala, which will be quite an achievement.

Regards Will

Setting the blast pipe alight to un-seize it and allow us to dismantle it.
Setting the blast pipe alight to un-seize it and allow us to dismantle it. W Naylor

The Foundation Ring being riveted
The Foundation Ring being riveted. W Naylor


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