AGM and Working Weekend 11th - 12th October

Saturday saw a small team doing work on the new cab floor and fitting the brake gear, so that we can now apply a hand brake. The trimmings in the oil pots have been renewed. The new smokebox door ring was collected from Tyseley on Friday and delivered to Llangollen. The Tyseley boys have done a superb job.

Smokebox rebuild
Work can now continue on the smokebox door.

Sunday morning was AGM time and a really good turnout of 25 people is one of the best ever. Once the AGM was finished it was all hands to the pump and we carried on from where we'd all stopped on Saturday. By close of play the cab floor was 95% complete and the loco safely put back into the shed following several hours in the sunshine for photo's and fitting of brakes.

Richie working on the cab floor
At work on the cab floor.

Monday morning the full timers started work on the smokebox door and ring. Micky P spent the day painting the inside of the cab black, covering up the green which 5199 has worn for the last 12 years.

Cab internal in black
Going black after 12 years.

Dave Owen is now confident that 5199 should be finished and ready to work the Santas this year.

5199 Outside at Llangollen
5199 outside at Llangollen.

As always a big thank you to Lynn for feeding us all.

The team this weekend was - Richy P, Colin, Micky P, Richard S, John, Q, Chris, Lynn, Richard C, Tom, Paul, Graham H for shunting. If I've forgotten anyone ........ apologies!

Richard Pumphrey, Chairman.


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