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Chris and Mark from the CVR, plus myself have removed the con rods. This is so the pistons can be removed so we can clean out the bores from swarf that was created when the valves were rebored. Splitting the gudgeon pin was easily done with a hydraulic ram pulling it away from the crosshead, a technique I've not used before, and a lot better than hitting the crosshead with a hammer! Next I ground off four stuck dome head bolts so the cab roof could be removed. A clear up was also on the cards.

5199 having her right hand side valve rebored
5199 having her right hand side valve rebored

5199 with con-rods and cab roof removed
5199 with con-rods and cab roof removed.

Keep your eye on http://www.churnet-valley-railway.co.uk/webcams/ched-sth/webcam-chedbox.php where you maybe able to see a few things as they are happening.

If things go to plan and the boiler checks out ok there is loads of cleaning up to do, rethreading bolts, degreasing, painting and refitting the vacuum pump.

So for those of you who would like to help out with 5199 feel free to go down but please ring Richard or Greg Wilson first.

Will Naylor. 29/07/10
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