Working Weekend 26-27th July

The weekend of the 26th 27th July saw just Colin and myself getting on with 5199. We focused on making a start on the wooden frame for the cab floor. It wasn't an official working weekend hence no one else in attendance. The job was more difficult than first imagined. If the wood is to lie flat then there are dozens of bolt and rivet heads that have to be cleared. The router saw plenty of use over the weekend!
The full time lads have been busy and since the last working weekend have put all the lagging and cladding back on the loco. The smokebox door ring still hasn't appeared and is now holding up the finishing off. On my way up to Llangollen I stopped at the Severn Valley Railway, to see how they were getting on with machining the chimney. It was mounted on the vertical borer and needed only a mornings work to finish it off. It is now ready for collection.
5199 Almost there! - Dave Owen
Almost there! - D Owen
The side tanks and cab have now been put back on and the photo shows our loco 'almost there!'

The 'Keep on Steaming' appeal has now been launched via Steam at Llangollen and the first forms are now dropping through my letter box. If you want to contribute £5 a month (or more if you wish) to ensuring 5199 goes on for years to come, then please get in touch via the button and I'll sent you the forms. We need to make sure there will be something like £300,000 in the bank in ten years time, to do the next overhaul - and that's just a conservative estimate, it could be more!

Next working weekend is August 30th & 31st.
Richard Pumphrey, Chairman.


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